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Buy Product.
Get NFT.

Paird is a platform that provides web2 eCommerce with web3 loyalty incentives.


Pair any product with a digital collectible.

We make web3 / NFT onboarding frictionless for customers and brands.
Products on our platform are all "paired" with an NFT, and any purchase allows customers to redeem the digital version of the product, or a bonus digital collectible easily.

How It Works

Customer's Journey

Purchase Product

Purchase any product on the Paird platform. These are all "paired" with an NFT, and your purchase allows you to redeem the digital version of the product at no additional cost.

Redeem Your Exclusive NFT

After completing checkout, click on the Redeem link sent to your email. The NFT will be airdropped to a web3 wallet eg. Metamask

Unlock More Rewards

The value doesn't stop there! Your NFT collection might unlock additional benefits such as raffles, exclusive event invites, discounted presales, store discounts, and more.

How It Works

Brand's Journey


Paird works with the brand's requirements to roll out the platform.

There is no vendor lock in, we leverage open-source and the entire codebase and IP is yours.

Smart Contract

Paird works with the brand's art direction to roll out the smart contract - which will be the key to "pairdropping" digital collectibles to the customers.

We currently support Ethereum and Polygon.


No technology is good without eyeballs!

Brands leverage the attention-grabbing power of web3 to promote their new platform and campaign.

Turning customers into stakeholders.

Paird gives brands the power of web3 using reward mechanics and frictionless NFT redeeming to enhance marketing campaigns and increase long-term customer loyalty.

Here are some use cases and ideas.

Like your physical collectibles, NFTs encapsulate digital scarcity. Your ownership is verified and authenticated on the Ethereum blockchain (or Polygon).

Paird is also able to implement PBT chips upon request. 

These are mobile-scannable NFC chips that link back to a verified smart contract - the definitive solution to counterfeit goods.

Ask us for more details!

Go beyond the traditional shopping experience. Each Paird product comes with an NFT that adds value to the purchase. The customer decides to keep or sell the bonus NFT and the brand can profit from each and every secondary sale.

Paird features a truly seamless checkout system where the customer does not require any web3 knowledge to participate.

The NFT claim mechanism is totally independent of the online store meaning it is technically an optional bonus.

No gas is needed to claim the digital collectible that is, the NFT since the brand's smart contract will pay for the transaction.

More than just artwork, your NFT collections can unlock unique rewards such as discounts, giveaways, event invites, exclusive in-real-life access, and much more!

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